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One-Of-A-Kind Platform

No more boring Zoom meetings! Luna Park is a purpose-built platform made for interactive collaborative mini-games.

Collaborative Games

Our social games and icebreakers designed for work create a unique experience that your team will clamor for again.

Fun & Interactive

Our technology, along with a professional host, maximizes interactivity and connects your team in an authentic way.

Looking for a Unique High Impact Live Hosted Extravaganza?

The World’s First Live Hosted Game Show for Teams

  • Up to 300 people in one room
  • Hosted by professional comedians
  • $600 for up 50 players

Struggling to Drive Meaningful Connections on a Daily Basis?

A Complete Engagement Solution.

  • On Demand & Fully Interactive
  • Slack Supports Random Pairings
  • Unlimited Access starting at $500 / quarter

Hundreds of games in the library, ready to play

Teams that play games are 20% more productive than those that engage in traditional team building exercises

Why? Game play often mirrors the kinds of interactions that help people work better together in the first place, like pursuing mutual goals, allocating shared resources, negotiating task ownership, and collaborating to solve problems.

Our Advisors

Darren Murph

Head of Remote at GitLab

Scott Belsky

CPO at Adobe

Manuel Bronstein

Chief Product Officer at Roblox. Member Board of Directors at The New York Times

Leah Knobler

Director of Talent Acquisition at Help Scout

Paul English

Entrepreneur and Activist - Kayak, Moonbeam, Reki, Deets, Xiangqi and many others

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