Luna Park

the World’s First Live Hosted
Game Show for teams

the World’s First
Live Hosted Game
Show for teams

Why Choose Luna Park?

  • Communicate Continously Throughout the event... no muting, no breakout rooms

  • Entire team (up to 300) in the same room through the event

  • Curated games from our library of hundreds of games meaning you will never repeat a game

  • Hosted by professional comedians with elevated production who understand safe-for-work

  • $500 fixed fee for all games up to 100 players inclusive of live support

Other Virtual Events

  • Strict limitations on how many people can participate in a single room

  • More Zoom fatigue with participants on mute or separated into breakout rooms

  • Limited repeatability and experiences that feel too “corporate”

  • You never know what you are going to get and there are risks of lack of professionalism.

  • Per player fees that lead to frustration and adverse incentives about inviting everyone

Details of a Luna Park Event

Luna Park is the world’s first live-hosted virtual game show for teams all over the world.

DURATION: 60 minutes


TEAM SIZES: 3-5 people each (teams will be randomized)

NUMBER OF MINI-GAMES: Roughly 10 per experience

PRICE: Starting at $500

More Questions? Check out our FAQ

One-of-a-kind Platform

​No more boring Zoom meetings! Luna Park is a purpose-built platform made for interactive collaborative mini-games.

​Collaborative Games

​The content (difficulty and subject) is tailored to your team to create a unique experience that your team will clamor for again.

​Fun & Interactive

Our technology, along with a live professional host, maximizes interactivity and connects your team in an authentic way.

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