About Us

Our mission is to close the quality gap between online and offline experiences with the people you care about.

We are experiencing a generational shift in work towards remote and hybrid teams and the toolkit to build a strong culture virtually is woefully underserved.

This pain is felt by employees who feel lonely, detached, and unmotivated by the mission of their organization. The pain is felt by employers who are seeing record numbers of attrition within their teams. We aim to chip away at these problems by building imaginative solutions to bond and connect with your colleagues.

At Luna Park, we’re actively working to create the future of connectivity for work – a game engine designed for collaborative workplace games to help remote and hybrid teams connect more meaningfully through play.

We have a strong track record of building products that are beloved;

Arlen helped to scale Hulu, Headspace, and Crunchyroll, which was sold to ATT / WarnerMedia for >$1B in 2018.

Ben is the founder of Amino, a community platform that raised >$70M in funding and has millions of users.

With the backing of USV, Google Ventures, ByteDance (owner of TikTok), and others we are well positioned to change the future of work.

Join Us

We’re technology enthusiasts who enjoy studying the intricacies of human interactions online. We get a kick out of surprising / delighting through design, and geek out about the science behind rapid scaling. We are having a ton of fun building Luna Park, and are always seeking smart, creative, relentless people to join our team.

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