Luna Park

Game Types

On Luna Park, we curate a diverse array of game experiences from trivia to logic to puzzles to wordplay. We work hard to ensure our experiences are inclusive, accessible, and fun. Themes you may encounter include Geography, History, Music, Movies, Television, Celebrities, Food, Pop Culture, Sports, and more. All of our experiences can be tailored to international audiences. We assure you, you’ve never experienced anything like this!


We sprinkle in a bit of trivia but we always provide context to ensure it’s an inclusive experience. Sometimes you even get more points the faster you answer.

Head 2 Head

We have a wide array of challenges that involve two players facing off in an on-stage showdown. Teams vote on which player will win and then a winner is crowned!

Creative Prompt

Teams are given a prompt, such as an image, GIF, or video, to which they have to react. Once answers are submitted, each participant will vote on their favorite answer. It’s like a caption contest but way more fun!

Rapid Answers

Quickly provide as many answers as you can in the time provided. One of our more popular games is a letter scramble where teams have 60 seconds to make as many words as possible (bigger words = more points)!

Logic + Counting

These games involve thoughtful reasoning and (from time to time) counting. We always keep you on your toes and ensure everyone can participate.


Occasionally we will test your memory by asking you about information you just saw, heard, or read. Once again, these games are great for ALL audiences.

Puzzles + Riddles

These are games that test ingenuity and skill vs. knowledge. They can be visual or auditory. Great for international audiences where cultural translation may be a factor.


Good with vocabulary, spelling, and grammar? Not so much? Don’t worry. All these games are designed to be a fun and engaging experience that relies on a bit of teamwork!