Engage Your Team Regardless Of Location.

We connect your team whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the beach.


Harness the Power of Games for Team Building That Will Actually Make Them Smile 😁

Why Are Our Games Different?


Low Barrier to Entry

Multi-Player 2-300

Safe For Work(SFW)

Inherently Social

Versatile Platform

Luna Park is not on Zoom and can adapt to your team's needs whether in the office or at home!

Equal Access

Give everyone the opportnuity to enjoy a social gathering.

Continuous Communication

Spend quality time as if you are all physically together.

Video Games Can Help Your Team Work Smarter (No, Seriously)

"Game play often mirrors the kinds of interactions that help people work better together in the first place, like pursuing mutual goals, allocating shared resources, negotiating task ownership, and collaborating to solve problems."

The Power of Employee Engagement

Engagement Issues Drive 2/3 Of Attrition

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Low Engagement Could Easily Cost $2.6M / Year

100 person org with an avg salary of $50k according to Gallup workplace

84% of People In Tech Want To Work Remotely

AWA survey of 10k people in high tech sectors

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