Luna Park On Demand

3 unique ways to drive engagement throughout the team

Randomized Groupings

Matchmake team members based on preference to create new relationships

Spontaneous Hangouts

Shift power to the team to get together whenever and strengthen relationships

Scheduled Activities

Integrate any recurring experiences that you desire (i.e. regular onboarding session)

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On Demand & Fully Interactive

  • 1. A pre-recorded host

    Is your guide through the game and ensures it’s engaging and accessible

  • 2. An Interactive screen

    Ensures everyone is leaned into the experience

  • 3. Social & Collaborative

    Ensures everyone is leaned into the experience

Activities for every moment

Arcade Games

Wordplay Games

Trivia Games

Ice Breaker Games

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Games

Global Games

Hundreds of games in the library, ready to play

Team Video Gaming for Team Building: Effects on Team Performance

“A Brigham Young University study of 80 newly formed teams found that groups that played video games together for just 45 minutes were 20 percent more productive than those that engaged in more traditional team-building exercises.”

The Power of Employee Engagement

Engagement Issues Drive 2/3 Of Attrition

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Low Engagement Could Easily Cost $2.6M / Year

100 person org with an avg salary of $50k according to Gallup workplace

Highly Engaged Business Units Deliver +20% sales

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

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