New Hire Onboarding

Meaningful connections with new team members

Provide an opportunity for new hires to meet team members in a casual, engaging, and fun environment.


Why LunaPark

Getting integrated into a new company is always hard. When you’re remote it’s even harder. Ensuring that new employees have the opportunity to spend quality time with other members of the team leads to bonding, trust, and a higher level of engagement.

How It Works

Before the experience begins we ensure that individuals are broken into teams where they collaborate to solve challenges as well as engage in icebreakers to share personal insights.

Randomized teams ensures that new connections will be made.

Players communicate continuously throughout the experience as they work together.

Immersive experiences means employees will forget about work and focus on engagement.

Mini-games are highly collaborative and social leading your colleagues to become your friends.

Professional comedians host the experience live to drive connection and ensure the energy is high.

The Power of Employee Engagement

Engagement Issues Drive 2/3 rds of Attrition

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Low Engagement Could Easily Cost $2.6M / year

100 person org with an avg salary of $50k according to Gallup workplace

84% of people in tech want to work remotely

AWA survey of 10k people in high tech sectors

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