Engagement Experiences Designed for Remote Teams

Engage your remote team with an experience proven to drive deeper connection.


Harness the Power of Games for Team Building That Will Actually Make Them Smile 😁

Why Are Our Games Different?


Low Barrier to Entry

Multi-Player 2-300

Safe For Work(SFW)

Inherently Social

Remote First

Luna Park is NOT on Zoom. We allow players to communicate continuously throughout the experience as if they were physically together.

Highly Engaging

Between a live host, our immersive environment, and collaborative challenges, your team will be asking for more.

Collaborative & Fun

Each of our games, challenges, puzzles, and icebreakers are designed to encourage teamwork!

Rituals At Work: Teams That Play Together Stay Together

“It's not that we do rituals and then, magically, we like doing our work later that day,” he says. “It's that over time, rituals themselves become meaningful to us—a sense of ‘this is how we do things around here.’ And that meaning is then linked to find more meaning in the work that we do.”

The Power of Employee Engagement

Engagement Issues Drive 2/3 Of Attrition

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

Low Engagement Could Easily Cost $2.6M / Year

100 person org with an avg salary of $50k according to Gallup workplace

84% of People In Tech Want To Work Remotely

AWA survey of 10k people in high tech sectors

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