Group Name Team Building Collaboration Pop Culture Creativity Logic STEM Description
Riddle Me This Riddle Me This is a great virtual team building activity. Teams work together to solve 5th grade riddles in a time, high pressure environment. This is a great way to spur instant collaboration. Ever look over a 5th grader's shoulder when they're doing homework and realize some of the problems in the textbook are actually pretty tough? Well, teams will get their chance to solve some 5th grade level riddles in this game. They're harder than you think!
Math Addict Math Addict is ideal for those math lovers among us. Teams always work in teams so there is usually one person that can help stimulate collaboration. Math can't be fun or can it? These math related brain teasers will ensure team collaboration and provide some stimulation for those left brain folks.
Reply All Reply All asks colleagues to work together and crack the code on some garbled texts. After a bit too much wine, you were very angry last night and wrote a series of horrible texts to your coworkers. But lucky for you, you wrote it in your own special code that only you can crack! Try to figure out the text you wrote using the answer key before your co-workers do and time runs out.
How Many Devito's How Many Devito's is a great way to inspire team building as it asks teams to collaborate to count how many Devito's they see. Danny DeVito haunts our nightmares. He can pop up anywhere and in this game his face will literally pop up all over a wall and teams will have to count how many DeVito faces there are. This might sound easy but it's imperative each player works together to collaborate and align on the correct number.
Radiotopia Radiotopia blends music, logic, and problem solving requring teams to collaborate, using all their skills to uncover the right song. In this game, teams are given graphs and charts that give clues as to a popular song. Anyone working in an office will find the pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs familiar. However, this time it's not for quarterly earnings it's to work together to determine which song is being described.
Music Math-Up Radiotopia blends music, logic, and problem solving requring teams to collaborate, using all their skills to uncover the right song. In this game, teams are given graphs and charts that give clues as to a popular song. Anyone working in an office will find the pie charts, line graphs, and bar graphs familiar. However, this time it's not for quarterly earnings it's to work together to determine which song is being described.
MondeGreen Day "Mondegreens are misunderstood or misinterpreted words or phrases from the lyrics of a song. MondeGreen Day asks teams to listen to famous songs and determine the correct lyrics even when we provide the commonly misheard version. Some colleagues may know the song, other colleagues may find the lyrics familiar, and others might just be riding the coattails of their team. "
Under The Covers "Under the Covers appeals broadly to all generations and enables everyone to shine despite taste, age, or understanding. Great songs tend to get recorded by many artists. Often we don't even know who did it first. Teams will have to work with their colleagues to put various recordings of the same song in chronological order in which they were recorded. There is no better way to build trust and break downs barriers amongst teams than playing Under The Covers! "
Adult Bop Kidz Bop is a classic show many of us enjoyed as Kids. Adult Bop asks teams to collaborate to solve for alteredy lyrics. We show the palyers a video of a Kidz Bop song that has clearly been edited for children and they have to work with their team to get to the original lyrics. Even if teams don't know the exact answer they can use context clues and team collaboration to reason it out.
Pay Attention Pay Attention demands teams work together because they need to pay attention to small details and it's impossible without your colleagues help. Iconic movie scenes are iconic for a reason. When we watch them we don't usually pay attention to every detail. Teams will have to now as we ask them to "pay attention" to everything they see and hear.
A Nightmare in Springfield A Nightmare in Springfield is a great icebreaker. Some of your team members may have seen The Simpsons and some haven't. Either way, this is a great team builder. Some of the most popular Simpsons episodes are their yearly Halloween specials, each called the Treehouse of Horror. These episodes often pay homage to famous horror films. We'll ask teams to name those movies based on a clip.
Recut Trailers Recut Trailers is a great icebreaker or conversation starter. To show how influential film cutting can be, editors have recut movie trailers to reflect a different genre. They can take a horror movie and make it look like a comedy, or vice-versa. Teams will see a recut movie trailer and have to determine which movie is being depicted. Some teams will instantly know, while others may need more time for discussion and problem solving.
Broadway's Back We show the contestant a video from a current Broadway production. Thing is, they are in the back of the theater so it’s hard to see from behind the crowd (a crowd will be edited in front of the video to make it hard to see). The contestant must tell us what production is being played.
The Terminal The Terminal is a unique game that requires a variety of different skills from team. They will be shown a train terminal board that contains clues about a particular fictional location. They will have to collaborate to use the various clues and solve the puzzle. Fiction has provided us with some incredible new landscapes and places to imagine. In this game, you’ll have to put the clues to determine which fictional destination is being described.
First Impressions First Impressions is a fun one for lovers of SNL, celebrity, and comedic impersonations. Teams will will view a clip of a celebrity impression on SNL and have to name the celebrity or celebrities being impersonated. It's a great way for a team to work together on something fun and funny!
Memba This Memba This is reminiscent of the game Memory. We're going to show teams 8 pairs of GIFs. Each team will have 10 seconds to remember their location. From there, colleagues will be asked where certain GIFs are located on based on number. They will need to work together to correctly answer the number. Memory is a great universal test for all teams!
Zoom Out Zoom Out is for all the geography buffs out there. Sometimes when you zoom in on images it's pretty hard to determine where they are actually located. Teams will see a close up image of a famous locale and have to determine where it is from a list of options. This is a great game for all the inernational Teams!
Take Me Out to the Ballgame "Take Me Out to the Ballgame is perfect for the sports lovers in each company. Teams look at 3 incredibly unique food items from a baseball stadium and have to figure out which one has the most calories. If you love baseball or even if you don't but love food, this game is for you! This is a great way for the food lovers and sports lovers among us to collaborate with each other. "
Google Search History Mystery Google Search History Mystery is an international skewing game that offers clues about a particular athlete via Google Search results. Our search history can reveal a lot about us, even who we are. Teams will see three items from a professional athlete's Google search history. Using this information, they will need to collaborate to determine which athlete searched for these items.
Cut the Cake "If you love cake or weird YouTube vidoes this one is for your team! Cake making has come a long way since we were little pups. Teams will need to review some cakes that have been made to look like everyday items and determine if they are cakes or an actual object. This game spurs negotiation, collaboration, and ultimately team building. "
Siblings or Dating "Some teams love to gossip. This isn't always the best thing for the office but it's great for team building on Luna Park. Couples can occassionally look alike, well a lot alike. This game takes inspiration from the famous Instagram account and asks teams the age old question: Siblings or Dating? All teams need to do is look at a series of images and assess whether the people are Siblings or Dating! "
To Draw or Not to Draw To Draw or Not To Draw is a great culturally agnostic game. Some artists get pretty photorealistic with their drawings. We'll show teams an image where all the items are real except for one and they will have to collaborate to spot the drawing. As you can imagine, this invites a lot of debate and negotiation, which can lead to greater trust and some good old fashioned fun.
What is That: Medieval Painters What is That highlights the fact that Medieval artists would often paint creatures they had heard about but never seen. We’re going to show teams some of these masterworks and ask them to collaborate to determine which animal they tried to depict. This is great for team building as everyone will have a different view on what they are seeing. It's always fun to hear the different perspectives from each team member!
The Mandela Effect "The Mandela Effect refers to a situation in which a large mass of people believes something that is false or did not happen. It is named after Nelson Mandela, whom many people believe died in a South African prison in the 1980s when he passed away in 2013. For this game, teams will be shown two pictures and they must decipher the truth from the misconception. Some teams are sure they know the answer, while other are a little fuzzier. This is a great way to spur debate and bonding. "
Lego Whaa? "Lego Whaa? capitalizes on the fact that many of us have engaged with Legos at some point. However, it can often be tricky to buid them or know what someone is building. Teams will watch a clip of someone building Legos and have to collaborate to figure out what they are building. The faster they ascertain the answer the more they will be rewarded. "
It's Cocktail Hour Somewhere It's Cocktail Hour Somewhere is for those colleagues that enjoy a stiff drink together. We give the team the recipe of an internationally popular cocktail along with a video and the team must collaborate to determine the cocktail. Whether your team is populated by drinkers or note, this is a great game for collaboration and virtual team building!
Hidden Words "Hidden Words is a classic visual challenge and perfect for team building and collaboration. Teams look at a picture that has 6 words hidden within it. Each team will have a fixed amount of time to find all the words. This is a great game for dividing and conquering with your team to find all the words in time! "
Definition of Wrong Definition of Wrong is targeted at those creative teams out there. Each teams will be given an obscure, very challenging word which they will need to subjectively come up with the best, wrong definition of. Teams will submit their answers and then vote on which teams gave the best wrong answer, earning additional points for the top pick.
Wrong Answers Only "Wrong Answers Only is perfect for garnering laughs, bonding, and having fun with your team. For this game wrong answers are the best answers. Teams will be provided an image which they will need to come up with a Wrong Answer for (ie Name This Band?, Name this Movie?, Name this Company?, etc…) and then will get to vote on which Wrong Answer is actually the Right Answer in the minds of contestants. "
A to Z A to Z invites colleagues from two different teams on stage to Head 2 Head and compete in a challenge to name movies from A to Z before their colleague runs out of movie names. This is really fun for everone watching as the intensity of being on stage leads to some interesting results.
Drag Me Home Drag Me Home is based on Rupaul's Drag Race. RuPaul is a legend and so is Drag Race. Teams will have to watch a lip sync battle from Drag Race and correctly determine who was selected as the winner. Some teams will have a player who has seen Drag Race and, even if they haven't, teams can use context clues to solve for the winner.
How's This Made "How's This Made is great for colleagues that love DIY, projects, and science. I don’t know about you, but I have no clue how half the stuff we interact with in our everyday lives is made. This game tests teams ability to identify how regular items are made. This a great team builder as it requires collaboration to determine what's actually being made! "