Team Building

Team Building they actually enjoy!

Engage your team with a high quality and unique experience that will make you look good and leave them smiling.


Why LunaPark

Delivering an experience that everyone will love, is actually unique, and doesn’t add to Zoom fatigue is nearly impossible…off of Luna Park. We designed an experience that’s immersive, fun, safe-for-work, and NOT on Zoom.

How It Works

We curate a selection of 10 mini-games for an hourlong, lightly competitive event that leads >90% of attendees to say they feel more connected to their colleagues afterward. Experiences range from 2-300 attendees.

Randomization breaks up cliques and preexisting relationships to build new bonds.

Mini-game diversity means each player will be able to contribute something along the way and leave feeling accomplished.

See elements of your colleagues personalities you’ve never seen before as they interact with the host.

Celebrate new hires, birthdays, and anniversaries with our unique and custom celebration elements.

Experiences are hosted by professional comedians that read the room and engage with team members respectfully and safely.

The Power of Employee Engagement

Struggling Employees Yield 2x Turnover

Interview with Gallup Chief Research Scientist, Jim Harter

Highy Engaged Business Units Deliver +20% Sales

Gallup Employee Engagement Survey

84% of people in tech want to work remotely

AWA survey of 10k people in high tech sectors

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